How Can You Avoid Midwest Storm Chasers?

The Problem of Storm Chasers

Here at Hometown Roofing, we’re sure those in the Midwest have heard the term storm chaser — and no, we’re not talking about the baseball team or those crazy people who like to run around filming tornadoes. no, when we talk about storm chasers, we’re referring to disreputable roofing companies that show up whenever a major storm hits and end up ripping off thousands of homeowners who are in need of a quality roof repair or replacement.

What Exactly Are Storm Chasers?

A storm chaser is a roofing company that follows the path of the destructive wind and hail storms that are likely to cause damage to roofs. Once they identify a town or neighborhood hit by a damaging storm, they blanket it with fliers advertising quick and affordable roof replacement. Sometimes, they’ll even show up at front doors to strong-arm homeowners into signing quick (and often incomplete) contracts.

What Happens Next?

Once a contract is signed, the company figures out exactly the pay-off from the insurance company will be based on the square footage of the home. They then install a sub-par roof with either shoddy workmanship or cheap materials (or both) and bill the insurance company.

Once the roof begins failing (usually five to seven years in the future, while a good roof can last up to 15 years), the storm chaser company is nowhere to be found. The homeowner is left to deal with insurance companies on their own, and often has to replace their roof again out of pocket.

How to Spot Them

Keep your eyes open after a storm. Do you suddenly see ads for companies you’ve never heard of before? Are random people knocking on your door? These are usually companies to avoid. Do your research. If you need a roof repair or replacement, ask around. Which companies are locally owned and have a track of reputable work? It’s easy to weed out the storm chasers with just a little bit of leg work.

Don’t put your home (and budget) at risk by falling victim to a storm chaser. If a storm hits, begin researching local, reputable roofing companies like Hometown Roofing you can call to perform your repair or replacement. Even if you have to wait a bit longer, it will be well worth it in the long run.