Roof Inspections

worker inspecting a home's shingle roof

Need a Roof Inspection?

Along with the ownership of a building or home, you must invest in roof inspections from time to time. While it is advisable to have your roof inspected at least once a year, this is something that you may not take advantage of, for multiple reasons. However, when you do wish to have your roof inspected, you should call on a team that has many years of experience with this type of task.

This is where we can lend a hand at HOMETOWN ROOFING. We are quite skilled in terms of roof inspection in Omaha, NE and would love to help you keep your roof up to code at all times. Feel free to call us at 402-896-3639 when you want to talk about inspections or wish to set up a meeting.

What We Do

When you call in a professional roofing team like ours to inspect your roof, you can trust that we will check every place possible. Not only will we look at everything from the ground level, but we will also check out every space on top of your roof. This can not only help us determine if there is an issue present with your roofing, but we can also let you know if there are decking problems, concerns with your soffit & fascia, or something else that may lead to a weakness on your roof. Additionally, we will take a look at your chimney, siding, skylight, or other features that may cause problems if they aren’t keeping their integrity. After we have completed our examination, we will talk to you about what should be done, as well as the overall condition of your roof.

Why You May Need One

While it is recommended that you have your roof inspected regularly, it may also be necessary after you note that you have damage to your roof, notice a sudden leak that seems to be coming from your roof, or if you are attempting to file an insurance claim. Anytime you experience any of these issues, we can arrive and provide you with an inspection that will help you become aware of what is happening on your roof and how any problems can or should be fixed. We will always offer our expert advice and give you the bottom line, but we won’t ask you to pay for repairs that are extraneous. Something else to keep in mind is that it is important that you don’t try to inspect your roof yourself unless you have experience doing so. This could be dangerous, and it may also be unnecessary.

Our Team is Available

The process of getting a roof inspection in Omaha, NE is straightforward, especially if we are the service you choose to trust with this task. We would enjoy the opportunity to help you maintain your roof, so it is able to protect your family for years to come. Also, if there is an issue that is the cause for you requiring an inspection, we will do the best job possible. We can also be counted on to complete the repairs, or help you through the insurance claims process, if need be. To discuss all of your options concerning a roof inspection, call our roofing company at 402-896-3639. Our experts might be the ally you are seeking, whether you need us for residential or commercial roofing.