Storm Season: What You Need to Know

lighning over three homes

May through July is storm season in the Midwest, so we need to do our best to prepare our homes for the incoming storms. There’s plenty we can do before, during, and after a storm. 

Preparing for a Storm Goes a Long Way

Before a storm even hits, there are a few things you can do to protect your home. First and foremost, you should check the roof’s condition. Are shingles lifted and falling off? Previous damage to your home can make storms even worse by letting in water, which could cause mold and further damage. You should also check your insurance policy carefully. Some policies won’t cover “aesthetic” damage, even though there is truly damage! You’ll also want to make sure that code upgrades are included. All builders are required to follow a book of building codes that changes every few years. If your policy doesn’t include code upgrades, you could be stuck paying hundreds or even thousands out of pocket! Lastly, check what your deductible will be. That is how much you will pay out of pocket after a storm.

Stay Safe!

During a storm, you have to prioritize yourself and your family. Take proper cover from rain and hail. If there is a tornado, go to the basement. Always listen to a storm radio or news station for the latest updates. Do not go outside, even if you see parts of your home blowing away! If the storm can tear apart your house, imagine what it can do to you.

Survey the Storm Damage

After the storm, after you’ve verified your family is okay, it’s time to take inventory of the damage to your home. Check your windows, window wraps, siding, gutters, and roof for any signs of damage. Damage can look like small holes or dents in any part of the home. Also, be on the lookout for shingles in your or your neighbors’ yards. These are all signs that there could be more damage to your home than you can see! Take pictures of what you can, and then call both your insurance agent and a roofer you can trust to inspect the damage. 

Once you know the steps you need to take in case of a storm, it will help you feel much less anxious about what to do. Our representatives will even walk you through each step of the way if you want them to! Just give us a call.