Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

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Roofing FAQs

As professionals in the roofing industry, the team at Hometown Roofing gets asked a lot of questions from Omaha-area homeowners. It’s likely that you have many of the same questions if you are considering a roof repair or replacement. Let us help out by answering a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to roofing. Don’t see your question listed below? Just shoot us a message and we’ll be happy to respond!

When does a roof need to be replaced?

There is no easy answer to this one. While most roofs last around 20 years, there are many different factors that can change this number including the type of roof installed, how well it was installed, the climate, and if there have been major storms that impacted the roof. Normally, when we determine if a roof needs to be replaced, we’ll take into account the age of the roof as well as if it has hail damage, if it has curling shingles, whether there are leaking seams or valleys, or if the shingles are losing granulation or there are missing shingles.

What is the purpose of a roof inspection?

Many people wonder why they need a roof inspection, especially if they don’t believe there is a problem with their roof. We suggest homeowners get regular inspections if their roof is nearing the end of its life and/or after any major storms. During an inspection, our experts will check the roof’s condition and determine if all the vital components are intact. We know how to spot problems before they become large issues and can often repair a roof that would otherwise need replaced if the damage was not spotted early.

What is a valley and why does it leak?

The roof valley is where the two slopes of the roof meet and this is a common area to look for when it comes to leaks. Debris can build up in this area, blocking water flow from the roof. When the water pools, it causes the roof to either leak or start rotting. Keeping your roof free of debris like leaves and branches will prevent valley leaks.

Will it damage my roof to wash it?

Some homeowners want to improve the appearance of their roofs by washing it with a chlorine bleach or a pressure washer. Both of these methods will damage your roof by causing the mineral surface to release from the shingles. When the mineral surface wears away, the base of the shingle will be exposed to direct sunlight and become brittle and the shingle will not be able to adhere to the roof as well. If you want your roof cleaned, it’s always a good idea to call a professional.

Does my roof need replaced if it’s leaking?

Leaks do not always mean you need a whole new roof. Depending on the size and location of the leak, a professional roofing contractor can often make repairs. There’s only one way to know for sure: get an inspection by a qualified roofing company. Small, repairable leaks can quickly turn into large leaks that cause extensive damage or necessitate a roof replacement, so call as soon as you spot a leak. 

How long will my roof last?

Weather a homeowner has just gotten a new roof or has an aging roof, they often want to know how long they can expect it to last. While there is no definitive answer to this question, most roofs generally last around 20 years. As mentioned above, climate, storms, and the quality of the roof are all factors that can affect this normal timespan.

Why are my shingles discolored?

If you’ve noticed your shingles are no longer the color they were when they were installed, it usually means there’s a buildup of fungus, mold, or algae. To remove these substances, you can either use a commercial cleaner that is approved for roofing systems or call a professional who can clean it for you.

Have other questions we haven’t answered in this article? We’re always happy to talk! Just send us an email or give us a call with your roofing questions.